I’m Hugo “ThePooN” Denizart, a computer sciences student who happens to have hobbies.

Twitter started to become insufficient, as it is a micro-blogging platform. So I decided to create this blog in order to write more detailed articles whenever needed.

The main topics here will be tinkering with Linux and coding. If there’s a language you should expect to see here, it’s JavaScript.
Most of the articles will also likely be related to osu! and streaming. That’s because most of my work goes into, well, osu! and streaming. :P


I have had a lot of short-term projects, related to osu! tournaments and events. I won’t list them all here as most of them are no longer relevant, however you should definitely check out bancho.js, my own library for interacting with osu!Bancho. ;)

Contact me

I will list some of my social media accounts here, however please contact me by email for serious matters!